See our lineup of exciting 2019 summer workshops!

The following workshops are offered for summer 2019. Any of these can be provided for teachers in your school or district during the academic year as well. Contact us at for more information.

Teaching Writing — Mon. July 8 – Fri. July 12, 8:30-2:30

With new emphasis on writing – and writing workshop – in our schools, many teachers seek help on how to proceed. Topics covered in this workshop include setting up, conducting, and managing a writing workshop, balancing in-depth learning in the writing curriculum with standardized test expectations, and energizing renewal for ourselves as we work with like-minded professionals from all grade levels.

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Advanced Workshop: Connecting with Colleagues on Teaching Writing — Mon. July 15 – Fri. July 19, 8:30-2:30

As education professionals, we seek to deepen student learning through literacy growth. We also seek a voice in the direction of education policy and ways to foster connection and collaboration among colleagues. This advanced workshop supports participants to grow as writers, as teachers of writers, and as professional mentors.

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Writing and Technology — Mon. July 8 – Wed. July 10, 8:30-2:30 (except ends 11:30 Wed.)

“What do I do with our Chromebooks to help kids write better and not just create busy work?” — In this workshop you will discover how digital writers learn to collaborate, how students can create a positive online presence, how digital writers distribute their writing, and what it means to be a 21st century writing teacher.

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Writing and Social-Emotional Learning — Wed. July 10 – Fri. July 12, 8:30-2:30 (but begins at noon Wed.)

At the heart of this workshop is a recognition of the power of writing and reading to create classrooms and schools where social-emotional learning flourishes. This workshop offers strategies, activities, and dialogue about social-emotional learning that doesn’t gobble up all our students’ time, but creates a classroom where learning and the love of learning are nurtured. This workshop supports existing school-wide programs as well.

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