Director: 4 year term, renewable, elected by the Leadership Team

Requirements: Five or more years as active Leadership Team member


  • Guide the overall work of the Project, based on policy decisions of the Leadership Team
  • Prepare agendas for Leadership Team meetings, with input from the Team and Co-Director
  • Notify Leadership Team of materials needed for meetings
  • Chair meetings
  • Provide a Director’s Report for each meeting
  • Represent IWP in contacts and negotiations with various organizations including NWP, the host university, other universities, and school districts
  • Coordinate Advisory Board
  • Guide the writing of the annual NWP grant re-application and reports
  • Prepare and oversee the IWP budget
  • Serve as contact person for workshop requests from schools and districts
  • Schedule workshops and assign workshop leaders
  • Answer inquiries from interested educators
  • Seek annual performance feedback from LT
  • Other duties as assigned by the Leadership Team


Co-Director: 4 year term, renewable, elected by the Leadership Team

Requirements: Five or more years as active Leadership Team member


  • Assist the Director with all responsibilities listed above
  • Organize and oversee mentorship of new Leadership Team members, workshop interns, and PD providers
  • Seek input on professional development needs of the Leadership Team and arrange for PD at LT meetings


Three Assistant Directors: 3 year term, renewable, and staggered so that one new Assistant Director is elected each year, elected by Leadership Team

Requirements: Three or more years as active Leadership Team member



  • Meetings
    • Arrange location for Team meetings
    • Maintain attendance information
    • Take minutes at the meetings
    • Disseminate minutes to Leadership Team in a timely fashion
  • Finances
    • Act as second signatory on IWP accounts
    • Process workshop payments, bills, and payments to workshop leaders, and other financial matters
  • Chair the Grant Writing Committee
    • Serve as point person for NWP and other grant applications

Events Director

  • Arrange IWP events, including the following:
    • Secure location
    • Secure speaker(s)
    • Organize program: distribute call for proposals, lead selection of breakout sessions, schedule time sequence
    • Oversee food needs for events
    • Manage printing needs for events
    • Manage events’ budgets
  • Chair the Planning Committee

SLI Director

  • Organize the Summer Leadership Institute
    • Work with Director to identify location
    • Plan and deliver daily instruction at Institute
    • Serve as Lead Author for SLI grant writing
  • Chair the Curriculum Committee

 Marketing Director

  • Oversee marketing initiatives
    • Identify contacts and venues for publicity
    • Maintain mailing and email lists
    • Maintain (or oversee maintenance of) Facebook page
    • Maintain (or oversee maintenance of) website
  • Chair the Publicity Committee


Annual Reports and Continuous Improvement:

Each Director will provide an annual report at each year’s Annual Retreat. In addition, each Director will seek performance feedback at the same event. One Leadership Team member, not a Director, will compile the data and return each Director’s feedback to him/her.


Each member of the Director’s Team will receive a stipend for his/her work, to be determined annually as part of the budgeting process. If a role on the Director’s Team is shared between two individuals, that stipend will be split.


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