IWP Summer 2017 Registration Form

Please indicate which program you wish to attend:

__ Summer Leadership Institute: Mondays through Fridays July 10-25, plus pre-institute meeting in May & followup session in Sept.

__Summer One-week Workshop on Teaching Writing, Mon. – Fri., July 10-14

__15-hour workshop on Writing and Social Emotional Learning, Mon. – Wed., July 17-19


Please print and complete this form and mail to Dr. Steve Zemelman, Illinois Writing Project, 9423 Lincolnwood Dr., Evanston, IL 60203.
OR submit through Google Registration form.
PAYMENT: Please mail the $50 registration fee to Dr. Zemelman at the above address. OR choose your preferred option and use your credit card through the link below:

Workshop Options

Name _____________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State ____________ Zip ___________

School __________________________ School’s town ______________________

Grade or position _________________________

Email _______________________________ Phone _______________________

If you wish to attend the Summer Leadership Institute, please respond to the following:

1. Please give a brief history of your teaching experience.


2. Why are you interesting in joining the IWP Summer Institute?


3. In What leadership roles have you been engaged (educational or otherwise)?


4. What leadership roles do you hope to develop in the future?



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