Every school or district has particular scheduling needs and constraints, and many options have been developed for our programs. Generally, large group sessions and smaller study groups work best in extended sessions over a relatively short span using after-school hours, evenings, weekends, or multiple days in the summer. Even after a long day of teaching, participants find that once sessions begin, morale invariably runs high. Demonstration lessons and team or department meetings can be fit into normal pre-existing school schedules.

Program Cost
The cost of a typical program that includes workshop or study group sessions, demonstration lessons, and team or department meetings is $6,000. This amount covers compensation for the teacher-consultant leading the program, planning time, original copies of all handouts in the course packet, all related administrative work by Project staff, and a final report on the program’s participant evaluations. Enrollment may reach 30 in a workshop group; larger numbers will require a larger leader team and a consequent increase in the cost. The leader’s local transportation expenses are charged separately, since they can vary widely depending on the location of the school. Workshops that require overnight travel for leaders involve extra expenses and may be billed accordingly.

Additional in-classroom support and other special programs are charged on a basis proportional to the above base rate. Single-session workshops and programs led by the project directors are billed at the individual consultant’s rate.

Leadership Institute Cost
The IWP Summer Institute is provided at no cost (except for a nominal $50 registration fee to insure commitment of the applying teacher) thanks to National Writing Project support. We recommend that schools or districts send teams of 3-5 teachers to the Leadership Institute, so that they can support each other in back-home leadership activities.

Optional Graduate Credit
Optional graduate credit for participants is available from Northeastern Illinois University and is paid individually. Per-credit cost is adjusted each year.

Illinois State Board of Education Professional Development Hours are provided for all IWP activities at no additional expense.

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