IWP-PD-2014-e1420869548939Long-term, school-wide instructional improvement involves a broad campaign with administrative support and teacher input that builds understanding and enthusiasm throughout the faculty, increases teachers’ professional conversation and mutual support, and develops widespread teacher leadership capacity.

IWP programs help teachers experience effective writing instruction, review best-practice research, and adopt fresh and engaging classroom applications. This work supports teachers as they work collaboratively to address curriculum issues like Common Core Standards and serve the needs of all students including English Language Learners and Special Education students. Since many high-quality published writing programs align with our principles, IWP support readily assists with many adoptions.

Led by a highly-qualified, experienced teacher-consultant, each IWP program employs a range of professional learning strategies in which participants actively engage the subject matter, based on the needs and conditions in the school. Options may include:

Interactive teacher work sessions and study groups
Demonstration lessons
•Co-teaching with in-school coaches or individual teachers
Consulting with grade-level teams or departments
Attendance at IWP fall and winter conferences
Participation by selected teachers in IWP’s summer leadership institute.

This work may focus on mixed grade-level groups or be adjusted to a narrower span of grades. All activities involve practical classroom applications and renewed energy for teaching.

 Costs and Arrangements

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